Season 1

Credits: 1n2dfansubs


051B – Sad Fate (슬픈인연)
1TYM – Hot (뜨거)
2AM – This Song2NE1 – I Don’t Care
2NE1 – I am the Best
2PM – 10 Out of 10
2PM – Heartbeat
4minute – Hot Issue
7 Princesses – Love Song

ABBA – Dancing Queen
After School – Diva
The Antz Go Marching To War’ (Antz OST)
Ashily – Lucky (Boys Over Flower OST)
Baek Ji Young – Dash
Baek Ji Young – Dash (Rouge Club Cut)
Baek Ji Young – Give Your Lips
Baek Ji Young – Like Being Hit By A Bullet
Basement Jaxx – Hot ‘N Cold
Beattles – All You Need Is Love
BeeGees – Holiday
Besame Mucho
Big Bang – Day by Day (Haru Haru)
Big Bang – Lie
Big Bang – Number 1
Biuret – Dreams Come True
Black Eyed Peas – Let’s Get Retarded
Black Eyed Peas – Pump It
BoA – Meri Kuri (instrumental)
BoA – Seoul Rays (Korean ver.)
Bohemian – Love Letter
Bon Jovi – It’s My Life
Boys Like Girls – The Great Escape
Britney Spears – (You Drive Me) Crazy
Brown Eyed Girls ft. MC Mong – Far Away
Brown Eyed Girls – Abracadabra
Brown Eyed Girls – How (어쩌다)
Brown Eyed Girls – My Style
Brown Eyed Girls – Sign
Cassie – ME&U
Celine Dion – The Power of Love
Celtic Woman – The Sky and the Dawn and the Sun
Chawoorim – If you sleep in a place like this, you will freeze and die (이런데서 주무시면 얼어죽어요)
Choi Jung Min – 1 Night 2 Days (1박2일)
Cho Yong Pil – Dreams
Cho Yong Pil – 그대 발길이 머무는 곳에 (Where Your Footsteps Remained)
Chun G ft. Yoobin (Wonder Girls) – Weak Man
Colin Firth – Our Last Summer (Mama Mia OST)
The Corrs – Summer Sunshine
Crying Nut (크라잉넛) – Over The Rainbow (Rainbow Romance OST)
Daishi Dance ft. Arvin Homa Aya – Take Me Home Country Road
Daler Singh Mehndi – Tunak Tunak Tun (Song About Digging The Earth)
Dalmatian – Round 1
Danny Elfman – Worm Lounge #2 (Men In Black II OST)
Davichi, SeeYa & JiYeon (T-Ara) – Women’s Generation
December – Goodbye
Deux – Turn Around Look At Me (나를 돌아봐)
Deux – Us
DJ Yoda – Airwolf
Emma Bunton – Sunshine on A Rainy Day
Enya – Wild Child
Eun Ji Won ft. Lee Su Geun – 160
Eun Ji Won – Adios
Eun Ji Won ft. Typhoon – Adios (Latin Jazz Version)
Eun Ji Won – All Famy
Eun Ji Won – Beautiful Days
Eun Ji Won – Dangerous
Eun Ji Won ft. Sat Byul – Deep Blue
Eun Ji Won – Drunken in Melody
Eun Ji Won – Eun Ji Won Go! Go!
Eun Ji Won ft. Gilme – Everything
Eun Ji Won – Go Show
Eun Ji Won ft. Baek Ji Young – It’s True
Eun Ji Won ft. K. Will – Present
Eun Ji Won ft. Lee Hyori – Love론
Eun Ji Won ft. Gilme – Kill Me (Dangerous Part 2)
Eun Ji Won ft. Dynamic Duo – One
Eun Ji Won – Only You (너하나)
Eun Ji Won – Out of Control
Eun Ji Won – Platonic
Eun Ji Won – Siren
Eun Ji Won – Suddenly
Eun Ji Won – While Buzzed
Fashion OST Main Theme
f(x) – Chu~♥
F.cuz – Jiggy
Flo Rida – Right Round
Fresh Boyz (ft. Gilme)- Melody
Freshly Ground – I Am The Man
Fruits Basket (OST) – Hard Work
F.T Island – One Word (한마디) (On Air OST)
Gilbert O’Sullivan – No Matter How I Try
Gilme ft. Eun Ji Won – Love Cuts
Gil Me ft. Jeong Yeop (Brown Eyed Soul) – Why You and Me
Gilme ft. Bobby Kim – Love Sick
Girls’ Generation (So Nyeo Shi Dae) – Baby Baby
Girls’ Generation (So Nyeo Shi Dae) – Gee
Girls’ Generation (So Nyeo Shi Dae) – Girls’ Generation
Girls’ Generation (So Nyeo Shi Dae) – Tell Me Your Wish (Genie)
G.O.D – Gil (Road)
Gummy ft. T.O.P (Big Bang) – Sorry
HAM – T.T Dance
Han Una ft. Maboos – Mannequin
Hilary Duff – Wake Up
Hong Song Beom – Playing With Fire
Hot Potato – A Woman Who Follows the Spring Breeze (봄바람따라간여인아)
Hot Potato – Confession
Hot Potato – Irony
Hot Potato – Peppermint Club
Hot Potato – See Saw
Hot Potato – Jwajeolgeumji
Hot Potato – Rain Tears (비눈물)
Hwa Young (화영) – Happy Day
Hye Eunmi (혜은이) – 감수광
Hymn of the Sea (Titanic OST)
I’m Chin Don-Ya (Fruits Basket OST)
Im Jae Bum – For You
Im Jae Bum – Go Hae
IU – Good Day
IU – You and I
Ivy – 바본가봐
Ivy – Sonata Temptation
Izi – Emergency Room
J-Cera-언제나 사랑해 (Endless Love)
James Horner – Take Her to Sea, Mr. Murdoch (Titanic OST)
Jeong Il Yeong – Prayer (기도) (Autumn in My Heart OST)
Jaurim – Hahaha Song
Juarim – If You Sleep In This Kind Of Place, You Will Freeze To Death
Jeju Youth (재주소년) – 마르세유 (Mareuseyu)
Jeju Youth (재주소년) – Sunday
Ji Sun – Crazily In Love (너 하나만) (Brilliant Legacy OST)
J-Walk & Son Dam Bi – Couple (Remake of Sechskies – Couple)
J-Walk ft. Eun Ji Won – My Love
Jung Yoo Hee (정유희) – Ave Maria (Soprano)
Kang San E – Rakuyo
Kano Yoko – Rush – Cowboy Bebop OST
KARA – Mister
KCM – Classic
KCM ft. Ha Joo Yeon (Jewelry) & Suho – Do Well When You Can
KCM ft. Suho – I Am
KCM – Staying Away
Keane – Can’t Stop Now
Kim Dong Ryul – Start (출발)
Kim Dong Ryul – Like A Child
Kim Dong Ryul & Lee Sang Soon – Bike Ride
Kim Gun Mo – Wrongful Meeting (잘못된 만남)
Kim Gwang Seok (김광석) – The Car With Two Tires
Kim Gwang Seok (김광석) – The Place Where The Wind Blows (바람이 불어오는 곳)
Kim Hye Yeon – Please Endure (Wake Up Song/Snake Song)
Kim Jang Hoon – Shower (소나기)
Kim Jin Pyo (김진표) ft. Jandi (잔디) – Cool Ways To Break Up (쿨하게 헤어지는 방법)
Kim Jong Min – Kim Long Min – Pit-A-Pat
Kim Jong Min – Oppa Find Strength
Kim Kwang Jin (김광진) – Letter (편지)
Kim Soo Hee – Eh-mo (애모)
Kim Soo Hee (김수희) – Nim (님)
KKa Nal Ee Mok Go (Child version)
Klaus Badelt – He’s a Pirate (Pirates of the Carribean OST)
Koreana – Hand in Hand (손에손잡고)
Koyote – Love Formula
Koyote – Return
K.Will ft. MC Mong – Love 119
K.Will – Miss Miss Miss
K.Will – Teardrops
Lee Gyu Seok (이규석) – The Train And The Pine Tree (기차와 소나무)
Lee Hyori – U-Go-Girl
Lee Jae Jin – 천생연분 (Matchmade in Heaven) — 화성으로 간 사나이 (A Man Who Went to Mars) OST
Lee Jung Hyun – Come
Lee Ki Chan – Why Is It So? (왜 그래)
Lee Minwoo – Summer Time
Lee Moon Sae – Faraway Journey In the Sunshine
Lee Moon Sae – Red Sunset
Lee Moon Sae ft. Lee Jeok – Reduced Prices In The Morning (조조할인)
Lee Seok Hoon – 10 Reasons to Love You
Lee Seok Hoon – Station
Lee Seung Gi – Geuraeseo Eojjeorago (그래서 어쩌라고)
Lee Seung Gi ft. Kang Jinwoo (Bounce) – Amudo (아무도)
Lee Seung Gi – Because You’re My Woman
Lee Seung Gi – Behind You
Lee Seung Gi – Dream of the Moth (나방의 꿈)
Lee Seung Gi ft. Tommy – Crazy for You
Lee Seung Gi – I’ll Give You Everything
Lee Seung Gi ft. Baek Chan (8eight) – I Love To Teach This Drink
Lee Seung Gi – Let’s Break Up
Lee Seung Gi – Let’s Go On Vacation
Lee Seung Gi ft. Kang Min Kyung (Davichi) – Like The Beginning, Just Like Then
Lee Seung Gi – Love Is
Lee Seung Gi – Paradise
Lee Seung Gi – Please
Lee Seung Gi – The Road To Vacation
Lee Seung Gi – Smile Boy
Lee Seung Gi (ft. Kim Yuna) – Smile Boy (Rock version)
Lee Seung Gi – To Your Side
Lee Seung Gi – Unfinished Story
Lee Seung Gi – Why Leave
Lee Seung Gi ft. Bizniz – Will You Marry Me (결혼해줄래)
Lee Seung Gi – Yearning
Lee Seung Gi – You Inside My Memories
Lee Sora – The Wind Blowing
Leessang ft. Ali – I’m Not Laughing
Lee Su Geun – Happy Song
Lee Su Geun & Eun Ji Won ft. MC Mong – Bok Bul Bok (Improvised: Eun Ji Won – Adios)
Lee Su Geun ft. Eun Ji Won – Let’s Go As Far As We Can (갈때까지 가보자)
Lee Sun Hee – Oh Yesterday (아 옛날이여)
Leslie Cheung – Love in Those Years (當年情)
Limp Bizkit – Keep Rolling
Loveholic – Butterfly
Lyn ft. MC Mong – Charm (매력쟁이)
M.A.C – I Really Want To Meet You (꼭만나고싶다)
M.A.C – Melody
Malo – Baby For A While, Me Too (아이야 나도 한땐)
Mario – Good Bye
Mark Isham – A River Runs Through It
MC Mong – 180 Degrees
MC Mong – Back In The Old Days (Long Time Ago)
MC Mong ft. Big Mama – Beautiful Life
MC Mong – Because I’m A Man
MC Mong – Circus
MC Mong ft. Yangpa – Cloud Nine
MC Mong ft. M.A.C – Clown (Pierrot)
MC Mong – Dalmatian Love
MC Mong – Feel Crazy
MC Mong ft. Ho Dong – Ho Dong Show
MC Mong ft. Ivy – Home Run
MC Mong ft. Kang Ho Dong & Whale – Horror Show
MC Mong ft. B.S – Hottrack
MC Mong – In the Old Days
MC Mong ft. Ivy – I Am…
MC Mong – Ice Cream
MC Mong ft. Kim Tae Woo – I Love U Oh Thank U
MC Mong – Indian Boy
MC Mong – Invincible (천하무적)
MC Mong – Lucky Man
MC Mong ft. Lyn – Letter to You
MC Mong ft. Lena Park – Love You Till Death
MC Mong ft. Navi – Luv D.N.A.
MC Mong ft. Navi – Simple Love
MC Mong ft. Kim Tae Woo – So Fresh
MC Mong ft. Maybee & Gil (Leessang) – The Way I Am
Melee – Built to Last
The Melody – La La It’s Love (Coffee Prince OST)
Michael Jackson – Beat It
Micky Yoochun, Xiah Junsu, Youngwoong Jaejoong – It’s Found (Sungkyungwan Scandal OST)
Mighty Mouth ft. Ye Eun – Energy
Mika – Happy Ending
Minnie Riperton – Loving You
Mocca – I Will
Moony – Beautiful Harvest (아름다운 나라)
My Aunt Mary – Green Tin Scooter (푸른 양철 스쿠터)
My Melody – La La It’s Love (Coffee Prince OST)
Never An Absolution (Titanic OST)
Noh Young Shim – The Yearning Keeps Growing
Norazo – Mackerel
Norazo – Superman
The Nuts – Kissing in the Sea (바다에 입맞춤)
Oh Na Ra (오나라) (Dae Jang Geum OST)
Oki – 벨이다
Painter in The Wind OST Main Theme
Park Hye Kyung – I’m Going To Love (Saranghalgeoya) (Jenny, Juno OST)
Park Hyo-Shin – Snowflower (눈의꽃)
Park Hyun Bin – Sparkle Sparkle (샤방샤방)
Park Hyun Bin – The Sea The Sea
Park Jang Geun ft. MC Mong & Yuri (Cool) – Love Song
Park Jin Young – Don’t Leave Me (날 떠나지마)
Park Sang Chul – No Matter What (무조건)
Patrick Gilmore – When Johnny Comes Home Marching
Paul Lerka – Na Na Na Hey Hey Goodbye
Peppertones – ABC
Peppertones – Superfantastic
Pia – My Bed
Pia – Walk In Waterfall
Pink – So What
Psy – Champion
Queen – Somebody To Love
R.Kelly – The World’s Greatest
Rain – Rainism
Rainbow – Gossip Girl
Rani – Ppulnateo
Ronan Hardiman – Love Song
Ryu – From Beginning Till Now (Winter Sonata OST)
Ryuichi Sakamoto – Rain
Sand Pebbles (샌드 페블스) – What Should I Do (나 어떡해)
The Searchers – Love Potion No. 9
Sechskies – Couple
Sechskies – Pom Saeng Pom Sa (사나이가는길 (폼생폼사))
Sechskies – Will You Remember Me?
Sechskies – Yegam (예감)
Secret Garden ft. David Agnew (Cor Anglais) – 17 Adagio (2046 OST)
Secret Garden – Always There
Secret Garden – My Land
Secret Garden – Nocturne
Seo Jin Yeon (서진연) – The Dancing Farm Servants (춤추는 머슴)
Seo Taiji – Bermuda Triangle
Seo Taiji – Ultramania
Seo Yeong Eun – Snow Flower
SG Wannabe – Kiss
SG Wannabe – Partner for Life
S.E.S – Running
Shaggy ft. Janet Jackson – Luv Me Luv Me
Shim Shin (심신) – The One And Only You (오직 하나뿐인 그대)
Shin Ji Ah & Lee Moon Sae (신지아 & 이문세) – Love Is… (Alone in Love OST)
Shocking Blue – Venus
Son Dam Bi – Crazy
Spiral Starecase – More Today than Yesterday
SS501 – Because I’m Stupid (Boys Over Flower OST)
Stay – Your Name is Love
Steve Forbert – It Isn’t Gonna Be That Way
Steve Jablonsky – My Name is Lincoln
Stevie Wonder – For Once In My Life
Stevie Wonder – Sir Duke (You Can Feel It All Over)
Sumi Jo – If I Leave (나가거든) (The Lost Empire (명성황후) OST)
Sung Si Kyung – Blue Night On Jeju Island (제주도의 푸른밤)
Sung Si Kyung – I Am Touched By You
Sung Si Kyung – Reminisce
Sung Si Kyung – Try To Remember
Subin (수빈) ft. Speed Motion – So What (어쩜)
SupA Bros – Freedom
Super Junior – Sorry Sorry
Swan Dive – Groovy Tuesday
Tae Yang – Prayer
Three Musketeers – Let’s Go
T-Max – Paradise (Boys Over Flowers OST)
TLC – Dear Lie
Toni Basil – Mickey
TOY – Good Person (좋은사람)
Toy-Box – Best Friend
Typhoon – What I Want From You (너에게 원한건) (Queen of Housewives OST)
Vangelis – Chariots of Fire Main Theme
The Wannadies – You and Me Song (from the Romeo and Juliet OST)
WHAM! – Careless Whisper
Wheesung – Ahn Dwe Na Yo
Wheesung – Thought of Marrying You
Wonder Girls – Nobody
Wonder Girls – So Hot
Wonder Girls – Tell Me
YangPa – Blooming
Yanni – Tribute
Yeowool – Fly Me to the Moon (instrumental)
Yoko Kanno – Dance of Curse (Vision of Escaflowne OST)
Yoon Jong Shin – 고속도로 (Expressway) Romance
Young & Jobless – The Wake-Up Song Has Been Decided
ZE:A – Malzetov
ZiA – Feel A Rush
ZiA – Feel like Exploding
Zia (ft. K. Will) – Hope It’s You
ZiA – I Love You, I’m Sorry
ZiA – It’s Tearing (터질것같다)
ZiA ft. Park Jang Geun – Love Point
ZiA – When We Separated By a Text Message (문자로 이별하는 일)

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