Third Ward: Episode 1 Recap

One believes in Eastern medicine, one believes in Western medicine, and they just can’t get along. But they’re going to find out that being brothers in the same hospital is a lot harder than they thought it’d be.

Sound familiar? Vaguely an amalgamation of other medical dramas you’ve seen before? It probably is.

I’ll be the first to say that medical dramas aren’t high on my list of favorite things, and Third Ward promises plenty of the medical drama norm, with a new(?) twist on the “I can save lives better than you!” story mechanic. If nothing else we’ll definitely be getting a pretty show, but whether that’s enough to slake your thirst for high stakes doctoring is up to you.

Note: This is a one-time recap just to get a whiff of tvN’s newest medical dramedy. (And yes, maybe just to get a peek at Oh Ji-ho.)

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