[Spoiler] Sung Shi Kyung shows off his bowling skills on ’1 Night 2 Days’



Artist and ‘1 Night 2 Days‘ cast member Sung Shi Kyung showed off his smooth bowling moves on the latest episode of the travel-variety program.

For the Chuseok special, the cast members turned up dressed in beautiful hanbok, and set upon a series of games that focused on the enormous variety of food products that come from fall season in South Korea.

In the last game, the members competed in a round of bowling to determine whether or not they will get to have freshly-caught seafood for dinner.

With Sung Shi Kyung as the final contender, all of the cast members’ eyes were on the variety rookie, putting pressure on his performance.

It turned out there was no need to worry – although he initially only hit one of the pins, that pin soon began to careen through the rest of them, knocking them all down in the process and earning a strike – and dinner – for the ’1N2D’ cast. Sung Shi Kyung soon became a hero for that night, and was promptly crushed by the masses of his thankful co-cast members.



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