Kim C to make a comeback as Hot Potato later this month

Kim C will be making a comeback with his band, Hot Potato, in late October, along with a concert in November.

Last March, the artist released his first solo album, which consisted of electronic music, and he’ll be returning once again with his band this time through a new album. This will be their first release since two years ago. Titled, ‘Who Doesn’t Like Sweet Things‘, the new project will drop on October 23rd.

It has been announced that Kim C and Hot Potato will celebrate the release of their 5th album with a concert at the Samsung Hall at Ehwa Women’s University in Seoul on November 10th and 11th.

His representatives commented, “This summer Kim C officially embarked in the process of making a new album. He’ll be returning to his original style after making a transformation with electronic music.

In 2012, the single, ‘Confession‘ from Hot Potato’s mini-album, ‘See Saw’, became a big hit. This song even received the honor of winning the ‘Song of the Year’ award at the 2011 8th Korean Music Awards.

Source + Image: Nate, Yonhap


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One response to “Kim C to make a comeback as Hot Potato later this month

  1. I am glad for him. I know he works hard and is a very sensible musician! So, Kim C, ‘fighting’!!!:)

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