Sung Si Kyung dances the ‘horse dance’ + performs at Psy’s Cyworld concert


On the 2nd, Psy held a free, Cyworld-sponsored concert titled ‘Let’s Play With Psy‘. About 10,000 fans attended the concert, along with 400 reporters from in and out of Korea.

Singer Sung Si Kyung appeared as a guest at the concert, coming out by doing the famous ‘horse dance’ and receiving a heated cheer from the audience. Sung Si Kyung also showed off other moves characteristic of Psy, and sang “Passionate Goodbye“, a song from Psy’s 6th album that he featured in.

After “Passionate Goodbye”, Sung Si Kyung said, “I don’t think this concert really fits me. I’m in charge of calmness, but you guys came here to be crazy, so you have to rest during my time“, and sang his own songs “It Would be Good” and “In the Streets“. He also said, “I’m currently DJing for a radio right now. ‘Bae Chul Soo’s Music Camp’ runs in the booth next to mine, and he said “We’ll listen to “Gangnam Style“, which is #2 on Billboard Charts”, and it was so weird and awesome. I hope he can reach 1st. Also, I’d like to say this. People say that Psy just has good luck, but I know Psy and he works all the time. It’s a very good time right now. I hope the Hallyu culture evolves from this.

Photo: Mydaily



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