Kim Jong Min, “Kang Ho Dong didn’t answer my calls but was talking to HaHa on the phone”



Kim Jong Min shared that he has a special relationship with Kang Ho Dong.

Kim Jong Min will be appearing as a guest on the October 16th installment of KBS 2TV’s ‘Kim Seung Woo’s Seungseung Jang Gu’ (‘Win Win’).

Recently at the pre-recording of the program, Kim Jong Min said about Kang Ho Dong, “Kang Ho Dong hyung is the variety teacher that I respect and lean on the most. When I was in a slump and was having a hard time, he helped me think positively and had his trust in me. That’s why I was grateful too him and also felt bad”, revealing that Kang Ho Dong was a positive influence on him.

MC Kim Seung Woo asked Kim Jong Min, “Did Kang Ho Dong contact you when you were working on ‘1 Night 2 Days Season 2′?” and Kim Jong Min answered, “I received a text that said I was working hard and doing well. But I called him after that and he didn’t answer and wasn’t able to reach him for a while.”

Kim Jong Min then added, “But a while ago I saw that he was talking to HaHa on the phone and I was angry for a moment” and brought laughter to the studio.

Image & Source: NewsEN via Nate



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