Ju Won Opens Up about his Dream Girl

To the women who were curious about the ideal type of woman for Bridal Mask, wonder no more!

During a recent photo shoot with Singles magazine, Ju Won revealed the criteria for his dream girl. Wearing clean and comfortable clothes, Ju Won rolled around in bed as if he’s just woken up from sleep, creating cozy images.

When asked about his dream girl during the interview, Ju Won replied a girl who is simplistic, kind, and not cunning.

“Someone who is most comfortable when we’re together and not someone who’ll continue being antsy after marriage,” described Ju Won. “Rather than dating someone who plays hard to get, I want to date with someone who is honest and straightforward.”

About his acting, Ju Won said, “Instead of me, I want my project and characters to be seen. I don’t try to make myself stand out.”

Upon reading his interviews, netizens commented, “I’m Ju Won’s ideal woman,” “His ideal type can fit just about everyone,” and “I’m sure he looks at a girl’s face too.”

Ju Won recently finished up KBS’ Bridal Mask and is working hard on 1 Night, 2 Days.

Photo Credit: Singles


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