Kang Ho Dong discusses his feelings on returning to ‘Star King’


Kang Ho Dong has made his return after a year and two months.

On the October 31st broadcast of SBS’sOne Night of TV Entertainment,’ they went to Kang Ho Dong’s first recording session for ‘Star King’ since his leave from the industry.

Kang Ho Dong stated before the recording, “I have butterflies in my stomach as I am making a comeback and I wonder if I can still do well and worry about it, but I have missed this very much. When you take a break from work you realize just how much love the viewers gave you and it is just so special, and I am thankful from the bottom of my heart. I really felt all of this during my time off.”

Kang Ho Dong’s first recording was very peaceful and pleasant. When child guests appeared he would get down on his knees to meet them at their eye level and showed that he is still the thoughtful and considerate person he was known to be. He also very enthusiastically performed Psy‘s ‘horse dance’ to show that the king of variety shows has finally returned.



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