Eom Tae-woong getting married


Actor Eom Tae-woong is getting married to ballerina Yoon Hye-jin o the 9th of January.

Netizens say, “Congratulations”, “You are a good looking couple”, “You’re not longer alone”, “You’re getting married before your sister” and more.

On the other hand, it’s an issue that Yoon Hye-jin is also 5 weeks pregnant. About this, Netizen’s say, “It’s awesome that you revealed this was a speedy pregnancy”, “It’s going to be a beautiful baby”, “She’s Yoon Il-bong’s daughter so it’s a movie family” and more.

Eom Tae-woong revealed his marriage on the TV program “Happy Sunday 1 Night 2 Days” on KBS 2. His wife-to-be is Yoon Hye-jin, the daughter of actor Yoon Il-bong and she is a ballerina.

Eom and Yoon met through his sister Uhm Jung-hwa and started dating in the mid year. He was attracted by her generosity and she was attracted to his sincere and loyalty.

Source : www.tvreport.co.kr/?c… ( English )



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