Lee Seung Gi is the Ultimate Umchinah

Singer. Actor. Entertainer. MC.
The sky is the limite for Lee Seung Gi, and when he does something, he does it perfectly.

So when it was said that Lee Seung Gi graduated from college with straight A’s, Enews went to find out if this was true.

Going to his alma mater, enews not only found out that Lee Seung Gi did graduate college within four years with all A’s, but he attended lectures in between schedules and studied so hard that he didn’t even have time to make friends. He entered college to study mass communication, but later changed his major to international commerce.

Also, unlike most celebrities who go to college on special admissions, he entered Dong Guk University solely based on the results of his college scholastic ability test and his high school grades.

Although students stopped recognizing him as a celebrity on campus due to his study bug nature, Lee Seung Gi once again proved that he’s the ultimate umchinah.


2 responses to “Lee Seung Gi is the Ultimate Umchinah

  1. Uri Seunggi is jjang!!!

  2. Any chance to have the video translated to English? Great job, LSG.

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