Joo Won, “You won’t find a nicer guy than him”



He may seem like a bad boy if you’ve only seen him in the dramas, but as it turns out Joo Won is the nicest guy in the world.

Joo Won revealed on the November 13th episode of KBS ‘Win Win’, “I’ve never really made my mom feel too badly. Also, I’ve only been in two relationships.”

Joo Won surprised everyone on the show when he revealed that the worst thing that he’s ever done is hanging out late with his friend.

Joo Won stated, “I’ve had two girlfriends. My first love is from high school and my second girlfriend is from college. The girlfriend from high school was my classmate.”

Joo Won stated that he couldn’t give his girlfriends nice gifts because he was a student, but that he always made sure he expressed himself well and he always let his girlfriend know he loved her.

Joo Won explained, “I’d always tell her that I miss her and I’d tell her that I love her. But it looked as though she was growing tired of me. I didn’t tell her lies. I told her how I truly felt. I don’t think I did well in playing the power game.”

Joo Won wanted no part in power struggle or mind games, so he’d call her in the morning to say hi and often time he’d wait at night until his girlfriend would fall asleep. But the love didn’t last long.

Joo Won explained, “Out of nowhere she broke up with me via text message. We broke up without her even once expressing bad feelings. I cried so much. If it happened now I’d ask her why, but at the time I told her ‘Okay, I’ll be rooting for you from here on’”, and he shocked the MCs once more.

Image: KBS ‘Win Win’
Source: OSEN via Nate



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