Shin Bo Ra, “Lee Seung Gi likes pretty girls, doesn’t mind skinship”



Comedian Shin Bo Ra exposed the two contrasting sides of Lee Seung Gi.

In the ‘Brave Guys‘ segment of KBS 2TV’s ‘Gag Concert‘, Shin Bo Ra mentioned Lee Seung Gi, who had appeared as a guest on the October 25th episode of the program.

Shin Bo Ra revealed some pictures and said, “Last week, Lee Seung Gi appeared on ‘Discovery of Life‘. He had great manners and took all the pictures he was requested.”

The pictures shown were taken in the green room for the program. In one of the pictures, Lee Seung Gi is posing affectionately with comedian Kim Ji Min. There was even a little bit of skinship with Lee Seung Gi’s hand on Kim Ji Min’s shoulder.

However, another picture taken with Oh Na Mi told a different story. Oh Na Mi is smiling happily but Lee Seung Gi appears to have a serious facial expression with his hands gathered in front of him.

Shin Bo Ra had the viewers laughing when she yelled out towards the audience members, “Lee Seung Gi checks women’s faces.”

Though the pictures seemed to have been a product of a request from the program and the funny entertainer Lee Seung Gi appears to have obliged, they certainly served the purpose quite well in creating a wave of laughter.

Netizen comments on Lee Seung Gi’s pictures include: “Obviously he was requested to take them like that”, “It’s so obvious that the pictures were set up like that”, “Seung Gi is a guy after all.”

Image: KBS 2TV ‘Gag Concert – Brave Guys’
Source: My Daily via Nate



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