Why Lee Seung Gi′s ′Forest′ was So Welcomed

In 2004, Lee Seung Gi scored in the hearts of his nunas with his debut. Now in 2012, the boy who used to sing that ′nuna is my girl′ is back with a new album.
The singer wasn′t exactly on hiatus. He regularly appeared in variety and dramas such as KBS2′s 1 Night, 2 Days and The King 2Hearts. If you think back to his origins, however, you will notice that his more recent set of activities were completely different from the route everyone had in mind when he first debuted in the scene. Lee Seung Gi managed to touch on this aspect of his career for those fans who got to know Lee Seung Gi through his music, as he showed that the ′real′ Lee Seung Gi has returned.

Back in the 90s, it wasn′t easy for singers to take on acting. Some were even criticized for trying to do both when they weren′t even that good at one. Trends changed, however, and these days it seems every singer has to try out acting at least once. As singers, who were often the targets of acting skill debates, started to go through intense training to show off their great acting skills, it′s even become mandatory for singers to take on a variety of areas in order to become a top star. Lee Seung Gi wasn′t an exception.

He used to sing shyly that ′nuna is my girl′ after his debut in June 2004 with his first album A Moth′s Dream, and now he′s become the age′s biggest multi-entertainer. After he changed routes, it′s become hard to actually see him sing onstage, perhaps because he was too busy with his variety and dramas.

That′s why his recent album, Forest, released on November 22, was welcomed so openly. It was enough to quench the thirst of his music fans.

What′s more interesting is that Lee Seung Gi joined forces with Epitone Project′s Cha Se Jeong, who isn′t as popular but is known among music fans for his skills. His deep emotions, showcased in such singles as The Person Who Hurts, Ihwa-dong and Spring, Cherry Blossoms and You, met with Lee Seung Gi′s voice.

Many showed concern over whether the collaboration would help the two build a win-win relationship. Thankfully, such concerns turned out to be for nothing. Epitone Project′s emotions remained intact, while Lee Seung Gi′s voice melded effortlessly into the music, making up an album that fits the winter perfectly.

Lee Seung Gi again proved his roots are in singing, and showed just why so many people welcome him back to K-Pop.

Photo credit: Kim Byung Kwan


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