Kang Ho Dong to attend the awards ceremonies of all 3 major networks

Having recently made a comeback, entertainer Kang Ho Dong will be attending the year-end award ceremonies of all 3 major networks to show his support for his fellow entertainers.

According to the insiders in all 3 networks on the 6th, Kang Ho Dong will attend the ‘KBS Entertainment Daesang’ on the 22nd, the ‘MBC Entertainment Awards’ on the 29th, and the ‘SBS Entertainment Awards’ on the 30th.

For many years Kang Ho Dong had been nominated for the Daesang award in all 3 networks, but this year he doesn’t qualify for any awards because he was on a break for most of the year. Kang Ho Dong is busier than ever having recently come back with programs like SBS ‘Star King’ and MBC ‘Knee Drop Gru’, and he’s also busy preparing a new TV show on KBS.

Even with his impossibly busy schedule Kang Ho Dong has decided to attend all the awards ceremonies to show his support and appreciation for the fellow entertainers who’ve worked hard to entertain the viewers throughout the year.

A high level official at one of the major networks stated, “Even though he must be very busy due to his comeback after a year of hiatus, I’ve heard he was going to attend the awards ceremonies anyways. We can’t nominate him for any awards but even so he’s shown his loyalty to his fellow entertainers. He’s setting a wonderful example for the hoobaes and I would have expected nothing less from the ‘National MC’.” (Hoobae = Junior colleague).

Source: Star News via Nate



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