Joo Won can’t seem to stop listening to Yoon Sang’s songs after ’1N2D’ guest spot

Actor Joo Won reveals he’s become a huge fan of singer Yoon Sang.

Joo Won tweeted on December 10th, “I’ve listened to many songs of Jong Shin hyung and Hee Yeol hyung, but after the ’1 Night 2 Days’ concert I’ve been listening to Yoon Sang hyung’s songs and they’re so good. I like his voice a lot and I like the color of his songs as well. I’m currently listening to him in the infinity loop mode~ good morning listening to Sang hyung’s song~^^.”

Yoon Jong Shin, Yoo He Yeol, and Yoon Sang have made guest appearances on KBS ’1 Night 2 Day’s for the past 3 weeks’ broadcast on the ’1 Night 2 Days’ Island Town Concert special and the guests have become very good friends with the regular members of the show.

The guests and especially Yoon Sang seems to have made a big impression on Joo Won and he’s also become a huge fan of their music. Even after a long time had passed since the actual filming of the episode Joo Won still showed his affection for the former guests of his TV program.

In related news, Joo Won had recently accepted the leading role of the MBC drama ’7th Level Civil Servant’ and he’s currently keeping himself busy with both ’1 Night 2 Days’ and the drama’s filming.

Source: TV Daily via Nate




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