Lee Seung Gi tops the Soribada Chart for three weeks

Soribada recently reported that Lee topped the weekly chart in the first week of December with “Turning Back.”

He was followed by a project group formed by Sung Si Kyung, Park Hyo Shin, Lee Seok Hoon, Seo In Gook, and VIXX with “Because It’s Christmas” and a project group of Kim Beom Soo and Park Jung Hyun with “White Winter.”

A project group formed by K.Will, Sistar’s So Yoo, and Boyfriend’s Jungmin ranked eighth with “White Love,” and a project group formed by VerbalJint, Phantom, As One, Bumkey, and Miss $, Swings, and Shijin ranked ninth with “Happy Brand New Year.”

Secret ranked fourth with “Talk That” and B2ST’s Yo Seob ranked sixth with “Caffeine.”

Nell ranked fifth with “White Night” and Hareem ranked seventh with “One Love Forgotten With Another Love.”

The One ranked eleventh with “Please Love Her,” and Clazziquai ranked twelfth with “If Together.”

A spokesperson for Soribada says, “Lee Seung Gi has topped the weekly chart for three consecutive weeks and many Christmas songs ranked in the top ten of the chart.”

Source: Xportsnews




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