Shin Hyun Joon and Lee Soo Geun to become MCs of the new show taking the place of ‘Go Show’


The show taking the place of SBS’sGo Show‘ (ending December 21st) has been decided on, and the MCs of the new show have been revealed to be actor Shin Hyun Joon and comedian Lee Soo Geun.

A staff member at SBS shared that there have been a lot of discussions on what type of show should take the place of ‘Go Show’. Among those discussed was a variety show that would be led by Lee Seung Gi, and also a music talk show, but in the end, a show starring the two mentioned stars was chosen and the details are still being worked out. The structure, concept, format among other things are still in the planning phases.

A staff member shared on December 10th, “We will air a pilot episode and see the audience response and then decide on what the regular format of the show should be… We believe a talk show, which showcases the strengths of the two MCs, is likely.”

Shin Hyun Joon is currently hosting ‘Entertainment Relay‘ and Lee Soo Geun is one of the main MCs for ‘Win Win‘ so both are comfortable with leading a show. Another staff member shared, “There is no one who has more friends in the entertainment field then these two.  The lifeline for a talk show is the guests and we feel the two will do a good job in bringing guests on the show.”



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