Joo Won winks on the streets with love bullets

Joo Won has become the king of winking.

Still cuts from the upcoming MBC drama “My Girlfriend is an Agent – Drama” show Joo Won winking on the streets.

Taking it easy, Joo Won is wearing a big set of headphones and walking along the streets when he winks at some women behind windows. This shows the typical Gil-ro and how arrogant and proud of himself he is. He winks with one eye and looks irresistible. He dreams of becoming a James Bond, under the idea that life should be enjoyed.

This scene was taken in Dongdaemun in Seoul and despite the freezing weather, tens and thousands of citizens gathered around to watch him. Several NG’s lead to a successful scene and everyone cheered.

The production company for this drama said, “The cast of our drama should be exhausted with the frequent outdoor scenes but the support coming from fans is what keeps them going”.

“My Girlfriend is an Agent – Drama” will be aired after “Missing You” in January next year.

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