Shin Hyeon Jun, Lee Su Geun, Kim Min Jong, ZE:A’s Kwang Hee and Goo Eun Ae MC New SBS Show

SBS has decided on the five individuals who will lead its new pilot variety show.SBS revealed through a press release on January 14 the five stars who have been cast as the main MCs of its new variety program, Trend Discovery.

Shin Hyun Joon, Kim Min Jong, Lee Su Geun, Kwang Hee and Goo Eun Ae will serve as the MCs of the new show in which the show scours the current popular trends from all over the world and experiences them firsthand.

The main MCs will be joined by top guests who will directly take part and introduce the trends to viewers.

The show will be directed by Bae Sung Woo who took part in such popular hit shows as Star King.

The first episode will premiere on January 25 on SBS.

Photo Credit: SBS



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