Eun Ji Won Renews His Modeling Contract with Travel Agency for Higher Pay

t′s going to cost more this year for industries to hire Eun Ji Won as their model.

Eun Ji Won recently renewed his modeling contract with KRT Service, a travel agency, for another year. The exact fees haven′t been released, but it has been announced that Eun Ji Won managed to get two times the payment he received for his previous contract, proving that the singer-turned-entertainer will be able to enjoy a higher status this year.

The reason Eun Ji Won is being paid more is because he has managed to draw more customers to the agency while he′s been modeling for the service.

A rep for the agency said, “Ever since Eun Ji Won has modeled for the travel agency, it has managed to grow a great deal during a short time, showing a great match between the model and employer.”

KRT Service enjoyed over 100 billion won in yearly profits, a 300 percent growth in the number of free travel package sales and the hiring of three times more personnel. It′s also looking to become a major travel agency soon.

Eun Ji Won is currently appearing in the tvN variety show The Three Idiots, and has also been active as a singer, even releasing a single titled Anyone in December 2012.

Photo credit: G.Y.M Entertainment



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