Former ′1N2D PD Na Young Seok Talks About Going to Work at CJ E&M

Producer Na Young Seok, the mastermind behind KBS2′s 1 Night, 2 Days, opened up on how he felt about his new workplace.

The producer spoke with tvN′s enews and talked about how he felt about having moved to CJ E&M from KBS. He also revealed he was still very attached to his big success, 1 Night, 2 Days.

“The building and the organization all have a more youthful energy, so I′ve been going to work with a full heart,” he said.

The star PD checked in at CJ E&M for the first time on January 2. He is currently preparing to meet his viewers at his new job with a new mindset.

Na PD first started his career as a producer after passing the PD test at KBS in 2001. He became a star producer after bringing KBS′ biggest variety show, Declaration of Freedom Saturday to the top.

He has been especially loved over the past five years for his work with KBS2′s 1 Night, 2 Days. He was what made 1 Night, 2 Days a household name and made it the ideal of all variety programs.

In his interview with enews, Na PD showed he still had a special place in his heart for the show.

1 Night, 2 Days was loved very much by its viewers, and so I can′t help but be attached to it,” he said. “I believe it will be one of my most beloved programs even after time passes. The many things I learned and the people I met back then still remain with me as treasures and precious memories.”

He added, however, that he was more expectant on what was to come.

He said, “Of course I don′t believe that I′ll be able to make a program that gathers 30 percent or 40 percent viewership ratings here, and my new workplace doesn′t want that from me either. I believe I′ll come to be evaluated by the strength and competitive edge of my content and what more can stem from it rather than mere viewership ratings.”

He then said about his upcoming program, “I haven′t decided on a specific format yet, but my first goal is to produce a program that has never been seen before. I want to make content with a new format that can not only be received favorably in Korea, but also be sold to Asia, Europe or America.”

Photo credit: tvN

Reach reporter Choi Eunhwa on Twitter @silvercandy88!


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