Kang Ho Dong Compares TVXQ′s Max Changmin to Lee Seung Gi

he Nation′s MC made it clear that he was expecting TVXQ′s (DBSK) Max Changmin, co-MC for his upcoming KBS2 talk show Moonlight Prince, to become another variety star.

Kang Ho Dong spoke at the press roundtable for Moonlight Prince held on January 15 in Seoul. He was present with Tak Jae Hoon, Jung Jae Hyung, Brave Brothers, TVXQ′s Max Changmin and producer Lee Ye Ji.

The MC has dug up many variety talents, the most recent and most influential being his fellow 1 Night, 2 Days panel member Lee Seung Gi. The two even hosted the SBS program Strong Heart together.

He said about Max Changmin, when asked to compare him to Lee Seung Gi, that he′s “a little brother who has infinite potential.”

Kang Ho Dong added, “1 Night, 2 Days and Moonlight Prince are different as the former is about what happens in nature while the latter talks about books in a closed studio. I could find many things Changmin had in common with Lee Seung Gi. They both worked hard without becoming provoking no matter what situation they′re in.”

He finished, “I′m expecting a lot from Changmin′s infinite potential. I′ll work hard to be a help to him as a senior and big brother.”

Changmin said, “It′s my first endeavor as a variety host in my 10-year career. I learned that variety isn′t as easy as it seems, but I′ll work hard to learn from my trustworthy brother.”

“My mother, family and fans are all expecting a lot,” he added. “I′ll work hard to live up to their expectations with my sincerity and show responsibility for the program, thinking it′s my own.”

Moonlight Prince is a variety program that centers on books, in which the panel and guests talk about a book suggested by the guest. It will also donate money to those in need. The show is a collaboration between writer Moon Eun Ae of MBC′s Infinity Challenge and Golden Fishery and producer Lee Ye Ji of KBS2′s Hello and Sang Sang Plus.

The first guest will be actor Lee Seo Jin, and the show will talk about writer Hwang Seok Young′s book Hesperus. It airs on January 22.

Photo credit: Hea Jung Min, Kim Byung Kwan

Reach reporter Choi Eunhwa on Twitter @silvercandy88!



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