‘Win Win′ Says Its Calm Goodbyes

The MCs of KBS2′s Win Win sat down in their best suits, and thanked their viewers as well as their last guest for “letting the last episode shine.”On January 15, Win Win concluded on a high note. Though news that the show would be discontinued had been circulated before the shoot was held, the mood on set was as it always had been. No one shed tears; instead, everyone warmed hearts with their calm smiles as they always did on the show.

The last guest of the show was former national soccer player Ahn Jung Hwan and his wife, Lee Hye Won.

Kim Seung Woo thanked the two for appearing on the last episode of the show, saying, “Today′s the last episode of Win Win. Thank you for letting the last episode shine.”

After sending off the guests, the three MCs sat together facing the cameras.

Win Win will be saying goodbye after airing since February 2, 2010,” Kim Seung Woo said.

A total of 156 guests talked on Win Win, while 288 secret guests visited the show to back them up. Lee Su Geun chose singer Shim Soo Bong as the most memorable guest, while Tak Jae Hoon chose ′crybaby′ Lee Su Geun as his.

Tak Jae Hoon said to laughs from his audience, “Lee Su Geun cried out loud two times on a show he hosts. I can′t forget that.”

Other than Lee Su Geun, many stars visited Win Win and spilled on topics they weren′t able to talk about anywhere else. Lee Su Geun cried while telling the story of his wife′s illness and his shaman mother′s life, while Lee Young Ja, a recent guest, teared up while talking about how her upbringing made her the strong character she is now.

The MCs then faced the question they so often asked their guests, on what Win Win meant to them.

Tak Jae Hoon answered, “Win Win was like another life. I was able to listen to the stories of others′ lives comfortably sitting down. It was a time in which I could feel and learn about other lives.”

Lee Su Geun said, “It was a time when I, who only knew how to play around and make others laugh, was able to become an adult.”

To the main MC Kim Seung Woo, Win Win was like a school.

“Over 100 guests appeared on Win Win. It was like reading over 100 biographies,” he said.

The last few scenes of the show showed clips of how the MCs couldn′t seem to leave the set even though their shoot was over. Kim Seung Woo shook hands and hugged every staff member.

The viewership ratings for this last episode of Win Win showed how they had helped the show go out with a bang compared to the calm exit on set, recording the highest viewership ratings for its time slot.

Photo credit: KBS2



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