KBS ‘Moonlight Prince’ sells out all commercial slots


KBS‘s new variety program, ‘Moonlight Prince‘, starring main MC Kang Ho Dong, achieved a sell-out of all of its commercial slots in just two episodes.

Although the show began airing just two weeks, ago, it managed to sell all of its advertising slots based on the heavy trust placed on its main MC. “I think the ‘Kang Ho Dong’ effect was in play here,” said a KBS staff member. “The trust and success rate of the main MC meant very much.”

All of Kang Ho Dong’s previous programs have followed in a similar vein, with commercial slots selling out fast, including ‘1 Night 2 Days‘ and ‘Star King‘.

The theme of ‘Moonlight Prince’ seems to have played a role, as well. The show revolves around a quiz show based on a particular book for the episode chosen by the guest, with all proceeds from the quiz going towards a charity of the guest’s choice. “Since the show has a positive effect through charitable donations, it has a high appeal among advertisers,” said a representative for the Korea Broadcast Advertising Corporation.



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