Kang Ho Dong Confesses His Feelings After Comeback

Kang Ho Dong revealed his feelings after returning to the entertainment industry.
On KBS′s Moonlight Prince′s February 5 episode, Kang Ho Dong reminisced over his difficult times while he was on hiatus following his tax controversy back in September 2011.

“In the past, I stayed in seclusion because of my mistake, but it was a very difficult time for me,” said Kang Ho Dong.

As actress Lee Bo Young, the week′s guest, shared about her difficulties in her acting career, Kang Ho Dong identified with her struggles and spoke of facing malicious comments online.

He said “Even though I told myself not to read those spiteful comments, I couldn’t help but to look at them at night when everyone was asleep. A comment may just be an opinion but it felt like someone’s entire world to me – stabbing me right through the chest every time.”

But he continued on to express his gratitude for being able to make a comeback after a maturing season.

“My current grade and progress may be feeble and shabby but I am truly happy being able to work doing what I love to do, with people I appreciate, to create a meaningful show.”

Photo Credit: KBS


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