MC Mong voted the #1 celebrity that fans want to see again


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Will MC Mong return soon?

The singer has been out of the public eye since draft dodging accusations arose. He avoided the big charge and was found not guilty on the account of violating military service. He was sentenced to a one year probation and serve 120 hours of community service because the court found him guilty on obstruction of justice charges for attempts of delaying his military enlistment without a valid reason.

With Kang Ho Dong successfully returning to the entertainment world after his scandal, tvN recently invited fortune tellers to look at the possible return of MC Mong. One of the fortune tellers stated, “I can see that MC Mong is having a hard time. He may be preparing to return to the industry bit by bit, but it is not good to return this year.” Another one said, “It seems that people are helping him for his return. His luck will start again in 2014. But it is the worst idea to return in 2013. If he returns, it is highly possible that he will be swept up in rumors and scandal again.

However, despite their predictions, it appears many people do want to see MC Mong again. On a previous episode of ‘Three Fools‘, the MCs of the show ran a survey where they asked people which celebrity they wanted to see come back the most. MC Mong gained 67% of the vote, with fans commenting, “I want to see MC Mong’s bright self again“, and “There are fans who still love and want his music“.



4 responses to “MC Mong voted the #1 celebrity that fans want to see again

  1. the sooner the better,we have waited long enough mc mong,pls come back now!!!!we really miss you;(

  2. I would love to see MC Mong Back and up again…

  3. I miss him too. He’s so funny I love his music too

  4. I have been watching the old 1N, really missing Mong so bad. Come back soon, ok? We are here for you.

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