Comedian Kim Gura Criticizes MC Kang Ho Dong




During the shooting of JTBC’s Ssulzun, comedian and entertainer Kim Gura threw a hard-ball at the recently returned King of MC, Kang Ho Dong. The hosts were critiquing the top three MCs representing Korea: Kang Ho Dong, Yoo Jae Suk, and Shin Dong Yup. However, a comment that Kim Gura made about Kang Ho Dong’s year-long hiatus garnered attraction from viewers, as the comment was possibly made too soon, and was too frank.

Kim Gura said, “I rested for five months as well. But I think resting for a year was a bit too much for him. I know that last April, SBS had contacted Kang Ho Dong. If he was to have taken the chance then, I think Kang Ho Dong would have settled down by now. Also, I think he needs to talk about his story during his break for those who are curious.”

Do you think Kang Ho Dong needs to explain to the public? And should he have taken on the job last April?




One response to “Comedian Kim Gura Criticizes MC Kang Ho Dong

  1. What past is past. Am just glad Hodong is back. Now, waitng patiently for our Mongie. Miss you~

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