[Rumor] Kim C and his wife to divorce after 13 years of marriage?

A surprising rumor concerning singer and former ‘1N2D‘ member Kim C (41) has just been revealed through the March issue of ‘Woman Sense‘. A photo of the cover of the upcoming issue was revealed, and at the bottom were words indicating Kim C’s plans for divorce.

The cover of the magazine spread reads, “Kim C and his wife have been separated for three years. They are currently preparing for a divorce.”

Kim C and his wife have been married for 13 years, and as his life is kept very private, even fans were surprised to hear that he and his wife may have been experiencing issues.

As this specific magazine also scored an exclusive about the secret marriage of actor Jae Hee, which turned out to be true, many have been left wondering if they’ll be right again.

Kim C first met his wife back in 1994 and dated for seven years before getting married in 2000. He and his wife have two children, one daughter and one son.

His agency is currently keeping silent on the matter.

Source + image: Ilgan Sports via Naver, Star News



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