′1 Night, 2 Days′ Ventures Into Joo Won′s Home

KBS2′s 1 Night, 2 Days dropped by Joo Won′s home and got a look at all his childhood possessions.The February 24 broadcast of the show traveled to Suwon, where Joo Won has lived for a long time.

On the way to Janganmun, the team asked whether it would be okay to drop by Joo Won′s home, to which Joo Won said yes.The home definitely showed that Joo Won had lived there for over 10 years, ever since he was in middle school. His room had been plastered with posters of 7th Grade Civil Servant, which the actor currently appears in, and was filled with scripts and the mask he had worn for Bridal Mask, trophies and presents from fans.

A photo he had apparently taken with his big brother especially caught the eye of the cast. Seeing his chubby figure, the members teased, “Your brother looks more like a celebrity than you.”

They also found a book on general knowledge, which showed the actor had been studying for 1 Night, 2 Days′ quizzes. Joo Won denied he had been studying, but the members teased and praised him at the same time, saying they were “so proud of him.”Joo Won then showed his studies paid off by answering correctly many questions designed to test his general knowledge.

Photo credit: KBS2


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