Eun Ji Won and wife divorce after two years of marriage

There is some unfortunate and surprising news from singer and entertainer Eun Ji Won, and it comes in the form of a press release by his agency, revealing that the star and his wife have actually divorced.

The agency belatedly revealed the news on the 28th, writing, “Eun Ji Won and his wife Ms. Lee, who married in Hawaii back in April of 2010, divorced in August of 2012. Due to differences in personalities, the two had a difficult time adjusting to one another and just decided to make fresh new starts and go on their separate ways.”

As this bit of information has been revealed 6 months after the divorce actually took place, the agency also offered their response to the delay in delivering the news: “In order to protect the privacy of Ms. Lee, who is a non-celebrity, we didn’t publicly announce it when the divorce actually took place. So that Ms. Lee can continue to retain her privacy and lead her life as normal even now that the divorce has been revealed, we hope there will not be too much attention and maintained interest in this.”

“Eun Ji Won spent some time with his parents after the divorce, but he is back to living on his own now, and is focusing on getting ready for new music releases and broadcast activities,” they concluded.

Source: XsportsNews, Newsen



One response to “Eun Ji Won and wife divorce after two years of marriage

  1. After knowing this news, I can’t watch old 1N without thinking about this.

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