Women want candy from Lee Seung Gi on ‘White Day’


White Day is tomorrow, and the women of Korea have made it clear which male celebrity they want candy from. Voters chose Lee Seung Gi, who also claimed #1 for most desired Valentine, as the male celebrity they’d most like to receive sweets from on the romantic day.

A dental office in Gangnam asked 337 women in their teens and twenties, and Lee Seung Gi came in first with 142 votes.

Handsome idol star B2ST‘s Kikwang came in 2nd with 97 votes, and rising actor Kim Soo Hyun came in 3rd with 94 votes.

A representative revealed, “[Lee Seung Gi] has a clean image and an attractively beautiful smile. There is no woman who would reject candy from a man with a beautiful smile on White Day.”

Lee Seung Gi will be starring in the upcoming MBC drama ‘Book of the House of Gu‘ premiering this April.



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