Lee Seung Gi Smiles on a Rooftop for ′Gu Family Book′

Lee Seung Gi′s been taking on every action scene being thrown his way, showing he′s ready to become a full-fledged action actor.The singer-turned-actor will be taking on his first period piece with Gu Family Book, which will follow Horse Doctor in its time slot.

In stills released by the production company on March 26, Lee Seung Gi is shown sitting alone on a roof.The scene involves Lee Seung Gi trying to eavesdrop on Lee Yu Bi, whom he has a crush on.

Filming for the scene took place on March 14 in Hadong-gun, Gyeongsangnam-do. Though staff were nervous about having Lee Seung Gi climb on top of a roof, Lee Seung Gi himself didn′t show he was ruffled at all.

Even when he had to jump down from the roof, he actually showed enthusiasm toward the scene, emphasizing that he could do it.

He managed to get an ′OK′ from the producer with his first try.

Producer Park Tae Young said, “Lee Seung Gi is making every scene one to remember, and makes us feel like we′re watching a movie. If we didn′t know this was his first action piece, we wouldn′t have noticed because his acting is so high in quality. His brand of acting is also making his Choi Kang Chi role the best.”

Gu Family Book is about how Choi Kang Chi, a half-man half-beast, strives to become a human. It will air its first episode on April 8.Photo credit: Samhwa Networks


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  1. Want to watch Seunggi!

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