Eun Ji Won talks about being related to the president


Eun Ji Won confessed the burdens of being related to the President.

He was a guest on the March 29 episode of ‘Thank You‘ and stated, “I have to be very careful. But it gives me strength when people tell me, ‘You’re not that closely related to her’. Just do what you want. Even though I already have my life, I feel like I should still be careful.

His granduncle was former South Korean president Park Chung Hee and the current South Korean president, Park Geun Hye, is his first cousin.. Because of his family relations to Politics, he sometimes received criticism for his open support.

MC Cha In Pyo then asked if the president had ever given him an allowance, and he reply, “I usually just see her outside and greet her“, confirming that they were not actually that close as some had believed.



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