Eun Ji Won Wore a Mask during his Days as an Idol

As a first generation idol group member, Eun Ji Won revealed that he hid himself behind a mask.

On March 29, Eun Ji Won appeared as a guest on SBS’ Thank You as the bunch traveled to Suncheon to talk of life.

Eun Ji Won shared about his experiences as the leader of Sechs Kies and how he pretended to be someone he wasn’t.

“That wasn’t me [during Sechs Kies times]. I was afraid that I would get caught, so I kept my mouth shut,” said Eun Ji Won. “The image that you see on variety shows is me. I didn’t change, but I just took off my mask.”

He went onto share that he and the mysteriousness of being an idol group member didn’t fit him.
“I couldn’t leave my house, so I ended up getting sucked into playing games. I played all kinds of games. I even want to become a game developer.”

Photo Credit: SBS



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