Lee Seung Gi to Appear as Lead in New Yoshimoto Banana Novel

Yoshimoto Banana, author of the bestselling Japanese novel Kitchen, will be serializing a new romance novel that contains a character modeled after Lee Seung Gi.

On March 30, Oricon reported that “Yoshimoto Banana will write a new series titled Shall We Love, which uses singer Lee Seung Gi as a model, through the womens′ magazine anan from April 10.”

Lee Seung Gi and Yoshimoto Banana have often mentioned each other, saying they were fans of the other. Yoshimoto Banana even visited Lee Seung Gi′s Budokan concert in 2012 and personally handed the singer a signed copy of her novel as well as a handwritten letter.

The novel will be the first to be based on a Korean singer. Lee Seung Gi′s side made the offer for the collaboration first, and Yoshimoto Banana accepted.

Lee Seung Gi commented, “I couldn′t believe it when I heard that Yoshimoto Banana, who is popular not only in Japan but in Korea also, would be writing a novel with a character modeled after me. It′s a great honor. I′m looking forward to it as a reader.”

Lee Seung Gi announced that he will reveal the conclusion of the novel at his exclusive concert to be held on December 7 in Tokyo.

Photo credit: Kim Byung Kwan


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