Kang Ho Dong reveals he couldn’t participate in food related CFs due to his obesity

MC Kang Ho Dong revealed the real reason he couldn’t participate in many food-related endorsements was due to his obesity on ‘Knee Drop Guru‘.

On the April 4th broadcast, Kang Ho Dong revealed, “I’ve received endorsement offers for hamburgers over the years but I was always turned down in the final round. Because it’s a food product, they told me that they couldn’t accept me because of my obesity. For food CFs, I always make it to the final round but because of issues like that, I can’t model.”

“I think that there is a negative stigma that ‘you can’t be obese like Kang Ho Dong’. The advertisers say, ‘It’s likely to happen. Wait a little longer’, but end up saying, ‘Because of your obesity, we can’t.’”

Yoo Se Yoon responded, “Among the CFs Kang Ho Dong did so far, he fit best with the rubus coreanus berry CF”, bursting viewers into laughter.



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