MC Mong talks with jTBC’s ‘Entertainment Exclusive’


MC Mong denied having any thoughts about a comeback.

jTBC‘s ‘Entertainment Exclusive‘ sought out MC Mong at his studio and asked him how he was doing.

MC Mong was surprised by their sudden visit and said, “I’m very thankful that you came all the way here. But I’m just spending time with my family that I wasn’t able to do before. I’m doing fine by experiencing other things in new places. You don’t have to come find me. I’m not anything.. I’m just living very happily and am grateful for a plain normal life.

When asked about making a comeback, he denied the comeback just as his reps had and said, “I’m not even thinking about that.



2 responses to “MC Mong talks with jTBC’s ‘Entertainment Exclusive’

  1. I he is happy…this is ok for me ..

  2. Why not making comeback? We miss you.

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