Joo Won Praised for His Thoughts on Auditioning

With all of his projects becoming major successes – Baker King Kim Tak Gu and Gaksital to name a couple, Joo Won still remains down to earth, stating that no matter how famous or good he may get, he will still go to auditions.
On April 15, Joo Won and the cast and staff of the upcoming musical, Ghost gathered at the Plaza Hotel in Seoul for the press conference.

After focusing on mainly dramas, Joo Won will be returning to his roots and appearing in a musical for the first in a very long time.

“The musical stage was my first stage as a professional and it is a place like home. All the seniors will know this, but I cannot completely explain the bliss or the memories that exist when standing on this stage,” said Joo Won.

Despite all his success in musicals and dramas, Joo Won surprisingly still went through the audition process.

“I did feel a lot of burden during the auditions, but going to an audition is a very obvious thing to do,” said Joo Won. “Even the seniors all go through auditions. It’s not something you can just get because you’re talented. I believe it’s only right to audition.”

As soon as the Joo Won’s words were known, the actor has been receiving praises and compliments on being a humble actor with a good concept of professionalism.

Netizen comments include, “Not only is he handsome, he′s also very professional,” “It must have been hard to audition. That′s so awesome of him,” and “There′s definitely a reason why everyone loves him.”

Meanwhile, Joo Won will be playing the role of Sam in Ghost, which is based on the 1990 movie of the same title, staring Patrick Swayze and Demi Moore.

Photo Credit: Sim Entertainment


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