Lee Seung Gi Goes On for ′Gu Family Book′ Despite the Bruises

Lee Seung Gi has been literally throwing his all into his drama.

Despite the bruises and cuts, Lee Seung Gi has been showing off some spectacular moves on the set of the MBC drama Gu Family Book.

In the third and fourth episodes of the drama which previously aired, Lee Seung Gi managed to put on the perfect Choi Kang Chi, making him a fair, charismatic yet laid back half-man half-beast.

Producers have said the praise he′s managed to garner comes from his hard work on set. For his first action scenes for his first period piece, he′s been jumping off roofs, fighting many men at once and rolling on the bare earth in hills.

Even though he′s known for his quick movements, a few small injuries have proved unavoidable. He′s been treating his injuries and immediately moving on to the next scene, showing his passion toward the drama.

He even suffered from a fairly painful cut on the back of his hand while fighting with the assassins that appeared in episode four. He did not, however, let anyone stop for him, and continued to shoot even with the injury.

Producer Park Tae Young commented, “Even though he′s bruised and suffering from injuries, he hasn′t been letting up. Lee Seung Gi′s passion and his action scenes will help the drama′s story become more convincing.”

Gu Family Book is currently airing with the top viewership ratings of its time slot.

Photo credit: Samhwa Networks


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