Eun Ji Won to replace Yoo Se Yoon on ‘Barefoot Friends’

Amid a drunk driving scandal, Yoo Se Yoon will be departing his new SBS variety program, ‘Barefoot Friends‘, to be replaced by artist and comedian Eun Ji Won.

“Eun Ji Won’s addition was decided upon when Yoo Se Yoon chose to depart from ‘Barefoot Friends’,” said a broadcast industry worker. The former member did not participate in the recording on June 9th. According to official word from SBS, it was still up in the air whether or not Yoo Se Yoon will be returning. However, according to the latest reports, Eun Ji Won will indeed be a permanent replacement.

“The producers and Eun Ji Won’s representatives are working out the details on his first appearance and how he will be added to the program,” the worker said.

As Eun Ji Won has had previous experience on an outdoor variety program with Kang Ho Dong on ‘1 Night 2 Days‘, much anticipation is being placed on how the new addition will boost the newest variety show on the block.

Source: Sports Seoul via Nate



3 responses to “Eun Ji Won to replace Yoo Se Yoon on ‘Barefoot Friends’

  1. 2D1N is so special to mix and match with others variety show… Let’s 2D1N be 2D1N and Barefoot Friends be Barefoot Friends…

  2. add more…LEE SEUNG GI…MC MONG…KIM C and LEE SUGEUN…. 😀 that would be FUN!!!!!>…

  3. yeaa! happiest news today!

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