Sung Shi Kyung thinks 89% of lead stars in dramas have actually dated each other?

Sung Shi Kyung recalled his past onscreen romance with actress Moon Chae Won and revealed that from his experience, most lead actors and actresses end up actually dating in real life.

While filming KBS 2TV‘s ‘1N2D‘, co-star Joo Won brought up stories about his new drama ‘Good Doctor‘, which caught the interest of Sung Shi Kyung as Moon Chae Won who is also starring in the drama. The singer recalled his past with her and shared, “When Moon Chae Won was just a rookie, she made a cameo in my music video,” mentioning a kiss scene with the actress in his “Goodbye One More Time” MV

Sung Shi Kyung also revealed, “It is inevitable that the lead stars of a drama form feelings for each other. I can say that 89% of the single ones have experience dating each other.”

Find out Sung Shi Kyung’s full story on the 11th!



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