KBS denies rumors of ‘1N2D’ cancellation

KBS denied rumors of the cancellation of its KBS 2TV variety show ‘1 Night 2 Days‘ (‘1N2D‘).

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The rumor began when a broadcast insider stated that ‘1N2D’ will be canceled during KBS’ reformatting this fall. The rumor wouldn’t have been believable, but the show has been garnering mediocre viewer ratings, achieving a 10.7% last week.

A KBS representative firmly denied the rumors on the 8th. He stated, “This is my first time hearing rumors of ‘1N2D’ being canceled during the reformat this fall. There have been no talks of that in the broadcast station… ‘1N2D’ will continue on as normal with no change in staff or cast members.”

The official statement released by the network also said that considering ‘1N2D’ has been one of KBS’ most recognizable variety shows since 2007, both KBS and the crew will work hard to improve its quality.

Have you been watching ‘1N2D’ lately?



7 responses to “KBS denies rumors of ‘1N2D’ cancellation

  1. I really enjoy the episode..lets go to yangyang with friends… im interested with the guy yu haejin’s friend name kim hongsu shi.. i try to find him on googles n facebook or other website but to no avail..pls help me find him..i just want to know about him…kamsamida…
    I hv dwnload this episode for my collection… keep up the good show i love it…im sad joowon will leave the show…

  2. I really really hope that KBS will not cancel this show. All of my family members have been watching this show ever since it started. Since then, we habitually watch it and became one of our bonding moments as a family.. I’ll be very disappointed if this show will be cancelled… 2D1N fighting!!!!!!

  3. i’ll stop watching KBS world if they really cancel my all time favorite show… this show makes KBS world famous. eventhough the ratings are mediocre in Korea, it was (and still is) the most watched show around the world.

  4. there is 3 ppl that can save 1n2d, Kang Hodong, Lee seung gi or Na PD

  5. great to know that! it would truly break my heart if they will cancel the show!! ;(

  6. i am a big fan of 1n2d.. i always watched every sunday here in uae at kbs channel..i hope that is just a rumors..i even downloaded some episodes just to have my collections..

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