Joo Won Displays His Brillaint Swimming Skills

 The second story about the journey to Gangnung Baugil by members of KBS 2TV’s “Happy Sunday: One Night Two Days” was broadcast on Aug. 18.

In the episode, the members competed in taking off stockings in water, for the right to decide on the next morning’s mission. Joo won and Sung Si-kyung advanced to the final stage and competed in the final swimming competition.
As soon as the match began, Joo Won dived into the water and displayed his brilliant swimming skills, which excited the spectators. Joo Won outpaced Sung Si-kyung and won the match.
During the broadcast, Joo Won talked with Sung as they walked together, saying “I worry about how the audience see me”. At that Sung revealed his feelings towards actress Mun Chae-won when he encouraged Joo Won, saying “You should get along well for Mun Chae-won.”
 In the episode, Sung attracted attention from viewers as he serenaded his future girl friend.

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