Cha Tae-hyun lines up new human comedy movie

Cha Tae-hyun has announced his newest movie, a human comedy titled Slow Video. Sadly there is zero information actually given about the plot itself, leaving us to wonder what exactly a slow video is (slow motion?) or why that would be the basis for a movie. On the other hand, it’s Cha Tae-hyun doing a human comedy, which is one of his fortes and probably enough of a draw on its own to get people interested.

The project reunites him with his Hello Ghost director Kim Young-tak, whom Cha recently brought along on a shoot of 1N2D as a special guest friend. (Although hoodwinked may be the more accurate word, or even coerced. Then again, when you’ve worked with a guy three times I guess you build up enough trust to where you can call him out without warning and kidnap him for a day to appear on a variety show. At least the PD can get some free publicity out of the deal?)

So far the news states that the female lead role is not yet cast and is considering Nam Sang-mi, but that appears to be rather preliminary. The movie is lining up the rest of its cast and will begin filming later this year.

Via TV Daily



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