Shin Dong Yup and Sung Shi Kyung share their crazy stalker incidents

Shin Dong Yup and Sung Shi Kyung gave fans goosebumps with their crazy stalker incidents.

On the September 28th broadcast of JTBC‘s ‘Witch Hunt‘, Shin Dong Yup recalled one of his experiences with a stalker, sharing, “There is a fine line between affection and obsession.” Sung Shi Kyung asked him, “Shin Dong Yup sshi also had a lot of stalkers, right?”

Shin Dong Yup shared, “A package was delivered to my house one day. When I looked inside, there were someone’s finger and toe nails in it.” Sung Shi Kyung joked, “How did that person know that you like those things.”

Sung Shi Kyung also shared, “I had a lot of stalkers. My mother went outside at night and she noticed a person sitting quietly in front of the stairs in the dark of night. Right in front of the door. She was so shocked that she fell. I called the police, cursing. I told that person to get lost. You’re not a fan, but an insane person. How can you call yourself a fan?”, sharing that when a fan crosses the line, then they’re no longer fans but in need of mental help.



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