Lee Soo Geun, Tak Jae Hoon under investigation for illegal gambling + announces suspension of broadcast activities

Numerous Korean celebrities, including variety stars Lee Soo Geun and Tak Jae Hoon, are currently under investigation for suspicion of online illegal gambling, SBS reported earlier today.

Both celebrities are claimed to have bet billions of Korean won on online sports betting websites. The allegations stemmed from an investigation of a gambling ring and its brokers.

SM C&C admitted that Lee Soo Geun was currently under investigation and pledged that the star will be taking time off to reflect, including an immediate halt to all broadcast activities.

“We accept most of the allegations,” they said. “He will stop his broadcasts and take some time to reflect on his actions.

“We have nothing to say even if we had ten mouths,” they said. “We apologize to everyone who has supported him thus far.”

Tak Jae Hoon has yet to release an official statement.SEE ALSO: Lee Soo Geun in talks to leave ‘1 Night 2 Days’

Sources: MyDaily, Star News, Newsen via Nate


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