Jung Joon Young has a successful fan meeting in Taiwan with 1,000 fans

Singer Jung Joong Young successfully completed his first overseas promotion in Taiwan.

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According to CJ E&M on December 12, “Within two days of receiving the request for Jung Joon Young’s fan signing, which took place in Taiwan on the 8th, it was completely sold out. A crowd of 1,000 fans attended.

Jung Joon Young had personally prepared live performances of songs, such as “10 Minutes Before Breaking Up“, and conversed with his fans in fluent Chinese. During the fan signing event, he spent three hours doing his best to interact with every single fan to their immense gratitude.

One rep from the promotion said, “Since he is so good at Chinese, Jung Joon Young portrayed his witty self as is. The fans and even the gathered staff members could not repress our laughter at his words,” which is something many viewers of ‘We Got Married‘ could understand.


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