Defconn flusters the producer team on ‘1 Night 2 Days’

Defconn berated the producers of his show, ‘1 Night 2 Days‘, for being too lax on the program!

When the producers called him to let him in on the details for the upcoming filming session, Defconn was aghast at what they told him.

When he heard that the wake-up time was at a comparatively generous 9 A.M. instead of the crack of dawn as usual, he voiced his concerns. “Now’s not the time to be resting!” he told the producer over the phone. That wasn’t the end of his worries, however, as he also heard that the meeting location was near Seoul. “Don’t we need to go someplace far away?” he asked.

His unexpected reaction sent the producer on the defensive, who replied, “We don’t want you to be too tired.”

“Now isn’t the time to be worried about getting tired,” Defconn lectured, to the headache of the other side. “Don’t mention this conversation to anyone else, let’s have it stay between us,” he warned.

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2 responses to “Defconn flusters the producer team on ‘1 Night 2 Days’

  1. love defconn 2d1n hardcore fan attitude.. he really speaks our mind..

  2. Defconn speaks for the viewers as he once one.

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