Kim Joohyuk enjoys a game with a beauty

Kim Joohyuk, a member of ‘Two Days and One Night’ grabs the viewers attention with a photo, hugging the youngest writer, who looks like Suji(Miss A).

The second episode of ‘the northern part of Gyeongi-do tour’ with Kim Joohyuk, Kim Joonho, Cha Taehyun, Defconn, Kim Jongmin, and Jeong Joon-yeong, was on air on Jan 19 and the cut, Joohyuk’s hugging a woman has unveiled.
In the cut, the staff team becomes ‘a human weight’ for six members as a team respectively and most of them are men with various weight classes. And, there is a only woman staff, who stands out among them, not only because of her gender, but because of her beauty.
It’s Lee Seulki, the youngest writer of the program, that who made Joon-yeong mistake Suji, ‘the morning angel’ for her in the earlier episode. Jongmin introduces her as ‘the most beautiful writer’ and Joohyuk, having a glow on his face, eagerly participates the game and wants to become a partner with this pretty writer.
Meanwhile, ‘Two Days and One Night’ is getting good reviews, showing a joyful moment of starting a new journey with new members.
Watch what really happens in ‘Two Days and One Night’, Happy Sunday on Sunday at 4:55 PM on KBS 2TV.

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