Defconn’s and Jung Joon Young’s Body Exams give Complete Opposite Results on “1N2D”



The March 2 episode of KBS 2TV’s “1 Night, 2 Days” showed the members receiving a brief body exam that focused on the members’ body fat. As the show continued their tour of Korea in order to experience different provinces’ representative food, the members of the program were asked to partake in a body exam that revealed their physical age in response to their body fat percentage. When youngest member Jung Joon Young’s height and weight were examined, it was revealed that his body fat percentage was 3.1%, Furthermore, when his physical age was calculated in response to his height, weight, and body fat percentage, Jung Joon Young’s age was concluded at 22 years old, four years younger than his real age.

However, when fellow member Defconn was measured, the results showed that the hip hop rapper had 29% body fat, while his physical age was concluded at 43 years old. The reported physical age was five years more than Defconn’s real age, causing the other members to be surprised at the contrasting results between Jung Joon Young and Defconn.

Perhaps these results will encourage us to become active and so that we can manage our health!

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